Oral-B 3D White Clinical Intensive Whitening Bright Brilliance

Oral-B 3D White Clinical Intensive Whitening Bright Brilliance

Oral-B Pro-3D White Clinical Intensive Whitening toothpaste is clinically proven for whiter teeth in 1 day by removal of surface stains. It is Oral-B’s best whitening toothpaste with its unique Ionic Technology: It loosens stains without scrubbing, removes stains with Ionic Whitening, protects teeth from future stains and is suitable for sensitive teeth.


Bright Brilliance toothpaste is a highly effective product that is gentle on teeth and easy to use. It generates a rich and creamy lather, and just a small amount is enough for each use, making the tube last longer. This toothpaste works quickly and efficiently, as advertised, and effectively removes stains that have discoloured teeth over time. After using this toothpaste, teeth feel fresh and clean, and appear shinier. Interestingly, Oral B claims that this range can also help protect teeth from future staining, which is a bonus. Although initially sceptical, others have said that Bright Brilliance toothpaste has been highly effective in making their teeth look brighter and whiter. #ad, #TheOralBWhite, #savvycircle, @supersavvymeofficial, @oralb_uk

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10+ years in the industry. Level 4 Advanced Beauty Therapy. Advanced Dermal Filler and Anti-Wrinkle. Fully qualified beauty and massage therapist. Specialising in semi permanent makeup and facial treatments. From eyebrows to lashes she provides these services mobile in Oldham.

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