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Enhance your natural features with natural looking permanent cosmetics, including eyeliner, powdered brows, lip liner, gloss & go, full lip colour and natural hair stroke eyebrows.



Scars in Brows
This is an ideal solution treatment for filling in areas of hair loss and disguising scarring.

3D Brows
This is the latest SPMU eyebrow technique. Tiny hair strokes are applied to the brow to achieve a very natural, three dimensional, effect. This is the ideal technique for sparse eyebrows to enable
the brows to appear fuller and more defined without looking drawn on.

Powered Brows
A very popular eyebrow technique. It is ideal for clients who like their eyebrows to be slightly more defined and less natural looking. This technique is great for clients who want to create colour depth under their existing brows. It is also a good option for anyone that has little or no natural brow hair.


Eyelash Enhancement
This treatment is ideal for anyone who wants to add definition to the eyes. Precision placement of pigment through the lash line creates a natural enhancement. A very subtle fine line is created. It is great in contrast with your eye colour and many different colours are available. You can have this applied to both the top and bottom lash line or just applied to one (either the top or bottom).

Shaded Eyeliner
This is striking eyeliner effect for the eyes, which is slightly thicker than an enhancer. Fine – softly visible depending on colour choice, perfect for an everyday look.
Thick – more intensity to give the appearance of bold make-up.


Lip Liner
(Gives a crisp edge to lips that lack in a shade that matches the true lip colour) Subtle corrections can be made to the symmetry of uneven lips to make them more even; this will restore a poor or thin shaped mouth back to ‘normal’. It can be natural or more defined.

Lip Blush (Gloss & Go)
(Gives definition, volumising effect in a contrasting colour)
This treatment creates an overall soft colour tint to the Lips. Your lips will appear fuller and youthful. The effect is stunning and yet very subtle.

*One Treatment may only last for 6months

Lip Contour (Lip Plumper)
Liner with a soft blend/blush (Gives definition, volumising and plumping effect using soft subtle colour in strategic areas ) Your lip line will be re-defined, but the colour will be partially shaded into the lip, blending into the corners with either a soft or a more vivid colour. It is a great way to give the illusion of fuller lips, correct uneven lip shapes, and improve a fading lip line.

Lips Full Colour wash
(Gives a matte definition effect in a contrasting colour) To create a look of full colour through the lips the lip line is defined and then either the same colour or an alternative colour choice is blended through the lips. For a complete and effect look of colour across the whole mouth, combined with definition and fullness from the lip line.

Semi Permanent Makeup Prices


Top up treatments are HIGHLY recommended to achieve your desired look. One treatment is not recommended depending on your skin tone.

Eyebrows One Treatment Including Top Up
Scars in brows Not Recommended £130
Powdered Brow Effect £110 £199
3D Individual Hairstroke Brows £150 £250
Eyes One Treatment Including Top Up
Eyeliner   Top Only £99 £130
Eyeliner  (Top & Bottom) £140 £180


Lips One Treatment Including Top Up
Lip Liner £100 £160
Lip Blush:  Gloss and Go *£120 £180
Lip Full Colour £150 £200
Extra Top ups (after initial top up) 3rd Go Within 6 months Colour boost 12+
Eyebrow Top up £50 £100
Eyes Top up £40 £80
Lips Top up £60 £120
Corrections on eyebrows add £20  
Beauty Spot With any treatment £15 On its own £40
Consultation / Patch Test Free  
Deposit £50  
*Including Top Up will be in two payments  

‘Including Top Up’ treatment prices include a free retouch which will take place on the follow up treatment 4-12 weeks after the initial treatment. This is to ensure the pigment acceptance in the skin and to discuss any issues the client or therapist may have.

A colour boost/touch up is usually required every 12 – 24 months, to keep the colour fresh and ensure lasting results.

Results of correctional procedures cannot be guaranteed as success relies on the nature of the original application. Multiple treatments are often required.

***Prices may vary for individual cases, and to obtain further details on our charges book your free, no-obligation consultation***

Each procedure takes around 1.5 – 2 hours including consultation. A patch test is always required and should be done at least 48 hours prior to your procedure.

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