What are Bombshell Brows?

What are Bombshell Brows?

 What are Bombshell Brows

Bombshell Brows are Popup Parlours HD Brows without the expensive price tag.

Bombshell Brows are a Long Lasting High Definition Eyebrow Treatment

Defined, perfectly sculpted, arched and groomed? Get the most gorgeous bombshell brows ever! Services including: brow gossip, brow tint, HD shaping, and finishing with luxury products and complimentary brow makeup.


How Long Do They Last?

Bombshell Brows can last up to 3 weeks with at home maintenance.

How Do I Maintain My Bombshell Brows?

You can easily maintain your eyebrows at home. Using brow pencils and powder you can top up your existing shape created with your Bombshell Treatment. You can also tweeze any stray hairs away. But be careful not to tweeze too much. You will be taught how to maintain them with during your treatment

Will My Eyebrows Be Black/Dark?

No, your brows will be tailored towards your requirements and natural hair colour. It is often a misconception that HD Brows mean dark and thick, this isn’t true. Even blondes can have this HD treatment

How is this different from a Wax and Tint?

A wax and tint is a colour and shape/tidy up. Bombshell Brows include so much more!

Brow Gossip – Consultation and chat about what you require for your brows. Personalised recommendations for your treatment.

HD Shaping – Depending on your brows: Stencilling, Waxing, Threading, Tweezing and Trimming

Products/Finishing – Varied products including: Brow pencils, powders, fixing gel, colour correcting primer, mineral powder.

How Often Should I Have This Treatment?

My clients usually have a Bombshell treatment then 3/4 weeks later have a wax and tint. Then keep varying between both. Some clients opt to continually have Bombshell Brows every 3/4 weeks.
This is all dependant on your requirements and your at home maintenance.

How much does this Cost?

Bombshell Brows are currently £20 – for first time customers you receive 10% off making this a fabulous £18

Brow Tab
You can opt to pay upfront and receive even more discounts
3 Treatments – £45 – Saving 15%

Bombshell Brows After care

  • For Bombshell brows you may avoid cleansing the eyebrow area for a few days to prolong the treatment. However you must remove makeup daily elsewhere.
  • To avoid build up lightly cleanse around the brows and apply your at home products to keep your brows fresh.


If you have anymore questions feel free to comment!


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Post by Sabrina Nicole / Popup Parlour

10+ years in the industry. Level 4 Advanced Beauty Therapy. Advanced Dermal Filler and Anti-Wrinkle. Fully qualified beauty and massage therapist. Specialising in semi permanent makeup and facial treatments. From eyebrows to lashes she provides these services mobile in Oldham.

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