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A range of false eyelash and eyelash tinting services that create just the right look to compliment and balance your facial features.

Eyelash Tinting
Make your lashes POP with eyelash tinting. Coloured to perfection in a range of colours: Brown, Black, Blue Black. Fabulous!

Party Lashes
Cluster lashes can last up to 5 days with good maintenance. Choose from short, medium and long. Extra thick lashes will be a full set plus half more to give an intense look. Top ups can be applied but these lashes should be fully removed after 14 days if you’ve done well enough to make them last!

Semi Permanent Individual Lashes View more information.
Individual mink hair lashes. Can last between 2-3 weeks or longer with top ups! Requires top up every few weeks. These are one strand hairs that are applied to each eyelash. Longer, fuller lashes that look more natural. Light, comfortable, natural and available in various curls, lengths and thicknesses.

Lash Lift
Create the perfect curl or simply lift the lashes to enhance and emphasise the eyes. A long lasting (6-8 weeks) lash treatment that helps to open and emphasise the eyes

Strip Lashes
Various ranges of strip lashes, we can apply them for you or you can purchase them for a lower price.

You will need to have a patch test at least 48 hours prior to your first tinting or semi lashes treatment to ensure no allergy exists. If you have had any known eye disorders in the past, please discuss this with me at the time of booking.

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