Mobile HD Brows Oldham

Mobile HD Brows Oldham

Mobile HD Brows
Long Lasting High Definition Eyebrow Treatment – Bombshell Brows.
Defined, perfectly sculpted, arched and groomed? Get the most gorgeous bombshell brows ever! Services including: brow gossip, brow tint, HD shaping, and finishing with luxury products and complimentary brow makeup.


How Long Do They Last?

Bombshell Brows can last up to 3 weeks with at home maintenance.

How Do I Maintain My Bombshell Brows?

You can easily maintain your eyebrows at home. Using brow pencils and powder you can top up your existing shape created with your Bombshell Treatment. You can also tweeze any stray hairs away. But be careful not to tweeze too much. You will be taught how to maintain them with during your treatment

Will My Eyebrows Be Black/Dark?

No, your brows will be tailored towards your requirements and natural hair colour. It is often a misconception that HD Brows mean dark and thick, this isn’t true. Even blondes can have this HD treatment

How is this different from a Wax and Tint?

A wax and tint is a colour and shape/tidy up. Bombshell Brows include so much more!





[alert style=”yellow”]For clients that are experiencing first time tinting, we highly recommend a tint patch test 24 hours before any tinting services. Looking for Bombshell Brows? You’ve found us! HD Brows Oldham [/alert]
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