Pop Ons

Pop On!
Customise your brow treatment. Build your own eyebrow “cocktail”, to enhance your Brow appointment. All bar ingredients and offerings will vary due to season and availability. Choose from a variety of serums, essential oils, masques, and more to keep your eye area fabulous, complimenting your “bombshell brows” and radiant skin!


Eyebrow Gossip
Lets have a quick chat/consultation about your eyebrow wants and needs before your treatment.Eyebrow Relax
Calming forehead and eyebrow massage infused with lavender. Perfect for winding down.Eye Calm and Soothe
Long day? Sensitive skin? Have our soothing rosewater eye gel application to reduce puffiness and freshening aloe Vera treatment for sensitive brows

Eyebrow Mask
Perfect for oily or problem skin around the brow/forehead area. Speciality mask is applied for 5 minutes to soak up impurities and toxins before your treatment. Not suitable for sensitive skin.

Eyebrow Renew
Revive those tell-tale signs of ageing, especially inbetween the brows. Collagen infused products applied to help improve the signs of ageing.

Eyebrows To Go
For a quick touch up with brow pencils. Perfect for thin brows that aren’t quite ready for “Bomshell Brows”

Eyebrow Nude
‘CC’ Natural, light colour correcting products to tone down redness after your treatment, leaving you with fresh brows and fresh faced.



Makeup Pop Ons are ideal for when you want to be ready for your night out but don’t require a full face of makeup being applied. These pop ons are especially for the eyes.

Extra Thick. Want added drama with your new party lashes? Eyeliner is applied in black to enhance your new lashes. Also choice from winged

Prep and Prime
Be ready to apply your own eye makeup at home. Eyes will be primed leaving your skin smooth for longer lasting makeup



[alert style=”yellow”] You will need to have a patch test at least 48 hours prior to your first tinting. If you have had any known eye disorders in the past, please discuss this with me at the time of booking. [/alert]
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Popup Treats