Common Eyebrow Mistakes

Common Eyebrow Mistakes

Eyebrows frame your face, they can make or break your entire look. If your eyebrows look good you will instantly look groomed. If not they can make your eyes look droopy when they’re not, or make you look angry when you’re not.

If you’re too nervous to take matters into your own hands, see a brow expert who can help you to get the most flattering brow shape tailored for you. Then you can simply maintain the shape at home, with these tips. It is essential to be very cautious when grooming your own brows. One or two plucks too many can leave you with a pretty scary shape.

Eyebrow Treatments are the most popular treatment I have done over the years. So I am sharing the most common mistakes I see when it comes to women grooming their own eyebrows!

Tweezing/Waxing Too Often

Step away from the tweezers! stop obsessing about the stray hair you see in your zooming magnifying mirror. You may think you’re just cleaning up stray hairs, but you may be removing the hairs that are essential to your shape. Get into a routine of having your eyebrows tidied up every 2/3 weeks.

Using a Magnifying Mirror

As mentioned above, using a magnifying mirror can make you obsess about your brows and over pluck! It isn’t the best way to get a perspective on how your overall brow shape is looking. Instead use a normal mirror with natural lighting.

Too Dark Pencils or Powder

Too dark brows can look very unnatural. If the brow pencil or powder you’re using is the same colour as your hair, it’s too dark. Choose a pencil or powder that’s a shade or two lighter than your natural hair colour. You could even use a tinted brow gel, which looks more natural and adds fullness  to your brows. If you have very sparse brows, fill them with pencil first, top that with powder then finish with a tinted brow gel. This is included in my Bombshell Brows treatment. If you do opt to use a pencil, don’t draw it on your brows with the tip, try to use it tilted to give a softer look.

Wrong Arch Shape

Grab a pen or pencil and hold it parallel to the outer edge of your iris. The point where the pencil hits your brow is where your arch should be. If it isn’t, let your eyebrows grow back and let your therapist know you’re aiming for the perfect arch.

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Post by Sabrina Nicole / Popup Parlour

10+ years in the industry. Level 4 Advanced Beauty Therapy. Advanced Dermal Filler and Anti-Wrinkle. Fully qualified beauty and massage therapist. Specialising in semi permanent makeup and facial treatments. From eyebrows to lashes she provides these services mobile in Oldham.

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