2016 Changes

2016 Changes

2016 Changes


Say Goodbye to

Express Treatment Tuesday
Makeup Popons:
I will still continue to offer, eyebrow makeup, primers and eyeliner whilst saying goodbye to eyeshadow blends and smokey eyes.

Price Changes
Minimum spend of £15 (more details below)
This can also include product purchases/mileage
Hopefully regular clients of mine can understand that it is better for me to do multiple treatments in one booking rather than travelling for just a £5 wax. Sorry for any inconvenience.

No Changes

Treatment prices
New member discount – new clients will still receive 10% off their first treatment

New/Coming Soon
Manchester City Centre Locations
Loyalty Cards
Hostess Discount
15% off discount for 60+
I will still continue to give offers and discounts monthly

Thank you and Happy New Year!


Oldham Based
Minimum Spend – You must book treatments no less than
0 – 4 Miles – £15

4 – 8 Miles – £20

8 Miles + £25


Mileage Fee – they will be charged the further away they live


4 Miles – Free

4 – 6 Miles: £1 – £2

6 – 8 Miles: £2 – £4

8 Miles + £4
Patch Test + Postage Fee – £2.00

Manchester City Centre
Minimum Spend – £15

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Post by Sabrina Nicole / Popup Parlour

10+ years in the industry. Level 4 Advanced Beauty Therapy. Advanced Dermal Filler and Anti-Wrinkle. Fully qualified beauty and massage therapist. Specialising in semi permanent makeup and facial treatments. From eyebrows to lashes she provides these services mobile in Oldham.

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